Rishikesh Trip

Dear Arif, we had a wonderful meeting in Rishikesh. We had friends from Brazil (Marcos Braga, Tania Mara, & Elisete), UK (Prabuddh, Teixeira, & Anderea), Russia (Andrey, Sergey, & Peter), & India (Nagaraju, Padma, George with wife & son, Raja & Kay with their 2 kids, Jaya and self). Meeting started on 23rd April night with friends from out of country receiving us in Rishikesh 🙂 – we had dinner together. Day #2, Andrey took us on a tour of Rishikesh by foot; our massages (best I have had in my life) started post lunch in Andrey’s clinic – this was followed by group exercise and dinner. Day #3 we went for a ‘holy’ dip in the River Ganga – best part of the meeting. You will see lot of videos and pictures on Facebook from friends – hilarious I might add. Life was good….and we started, in the very waters of the Ganga, the “Ganja Brotherhood!” by submerging ourselves three times to wash away our karma. While the heat was very strong, the waters were chill(e) (5 deg C)…

Day #4, we went to the temple of Kucchadevi at Kunjapur that is at 1060 Mts (according to Sergey’s watch 🙂 – we had a great view of Himalayas from here; which was worth the over 300 steep steps that we had to climb. On our way back we stopped at site of Andrey’s new clinic (construction to begin in a year). We also arranged for gala dinner for friends from out of country hosted by Indian friends (we even managed to smuggle some cerveza into Rishikesh and consumed them clandestinely – Rishikesh is a religious place and prohibits any consumption of alcohol). Day #5, some friends left in the early morning by road to New Delhi and visited Jan Fishan Khan (JFK) on the way; other friends (except for Russian friends) left by train in the late afternoon. Before they left, we had an interesting presentation on Ayurveda by one of the doctors from clinic. The Indian friends took a taxi back to New Delhi on April 28th (Day #6) and stopped at Sardhana (JFK) on the way (except Nagaraju & Padma who went to Haridwar see Kumbh Mela – over 15 million people attended Kumbh mela this year :-).

All of us plan to share our experiences, photos, and videos with friends all over the world.

Thank you for your love and support before, during and after the meeting.

From Indian friends

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